The history behind Valentine’s Day is revealed

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love and romance that is celebrated in countries around the world. Although the origins of this holiday are unclear, there are a few events that could form the origin of Valentine’s Day.. The first, and probably the most popular story, is about Saint Valentine who spread love during the third century of Rome. According to The History of Valentine’s Day from, Emperor Claudius II created a law that young men couldn’t get married because they weren’t good soldiers when they were. Valentine officiated weddings in private for these men until he was discovered. This act of defying the law was the act that sent him to be beheaded. Among the multiple Valentine legends, Saint Valentine of Verni was also beheaded by Claudius II. 

Valentine’s Day cards are commonly used today, but they originated from a sad love story. Valentine was put in jail and his lover would often visit him. She could have been the daughter of the jailer but it is not clear. Even if she was, she still visited her Valentine. Before this Valentine had died he sent a note to her signing it “From your Valentine” which caught on as a popular phrase for this holiday.

The reason Valentine’s Day is in February is from Christians who didn’t want February to be known for a pagan holiday. Lupercalia was a festival celebrating evil deeds and animal sacrifices to shew away bad spirits. Lupercalia was celebrated February 15 so Christians placed Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Now Valentine’s Day is celebrated far more than Lupercalia.