Hart High School’s legacy continues

Hart High School has been open for decades and, naturally, many students from current and past generations have attended our school. A large number of our current students have parents who attended Hart, and many of our staff also attended Hart prior to working here. 

April Martinez, Avery Adelini and Sophie Adelini’s parents went to Hart. They are all freshmen. Gianna Patti is also a freshman whose mother was enrolled in Hart High School. Diego Garcia is a sophomore whose mother also attended Hart, and another Sophomore whose parent went to Hart High is Soren Stephenson. His father went here for all four years of high school.

Upperclassmen with parents who were enrolled at Hart include Breeze Aguilar, Ellie Wrage and Macy Stitzinger. Breeze Aguilar’s stepdad attended Hart and Ellie and Macy’s fathers also went to Hart. Aguilar is a junior, Wrage and Stitzinger are seniors. 

Staff who attended Hart prior to working here are Elizabeth Wilson, who is an assistant principal, Amy Gibbs, a geometry teacher, Andrew Nielsen, an English teacher and football coach as well as Keith Matkin. Matkin is an athletic director for sports including Hart High School’s cross country, basketball, golf, softball, track and field, tennis and football teams.

Do you have parents who attended Hart High School?


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