Frank Ocean’s new homer fashion brand

Lincoln Jones-Hartman

Frank Ocean has re-entered the public eye with a shocking move into the fashion world. Ocean’s new luxury jewelry and clothing brand Homer launched August 6. Homer’s collection is full of bright and colorful pendants and unique graphics. The catalog itself features beautiful photography inter-spliced with the well-crafted jewelry. Most pages are also accompanied by excerpts from his songs or poetry wholly unique to the catalog. All these artistic elements merge to make a beautiful viewing experience. 

The catalog features many inventive and iconic pendants and rings. The brand is also valuing sustainable materials, making use of recycled sterling silver and lab-grown diamonds. These eco-friendly raw materials combined with brightly colored enamel, create beautiful and unique jewelry. 

Ocean says the collection is inspired by his “childhood obsessions,” which is shown clearly in the youthful iconography showcased throughout the series.

The products are pricey, but the amount of care put into it makes up for the high cost. The enamel elements are hand-painted, and it’s very clear that this brand is a passion project of Ocean’s. Ocean has described Homer as a “luxury brand”, which would explain the high cost, as well as the quality.

The designers and collaborators behind the brand succeeded in making beautiful and unique rings, pendants, and chains. The visuals harken back to the iconic imagery pioneered by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The collection also features some fabric elements. The brightly colored “Plus Sign Scarf” is a nice softer touch to the harsh, sharp jewelry  featured in the catalog.