A letter to our “Home Sweet Hart”

To Hart High School, 

I couldn’t have attended a better high school. The campus is beautiful; the staff is fantastic; and I’ve met so many great people who I’ll hopefully know for the rest of my life. Despite the latter half of my high school experience being cut in half by coronavirus, there were many highlights that made a sucky senior year a little more bearable.

To all my teachers, old and new: you all have had a positive impact on my high school experience and made coming to school exciting. While at Hart, I had the opportunity to have some legendary teachers, like Mr. Hertzog and Mr. Neale, and thus become one part of the students those legends have taught. Hart is touted to have strong academics and great faculty, and I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. High school would have surely been different without all of my amazing teachers.

To my classmates: I couldn’t have asked for a better campus environment. I’ve grown to know some of you and forge alliances when schoolwork got tough or the curriculum became confusing. All the classroom shenanigans I’ve witnessed and conversations I’ve heard are parts of high school I will cherish forever, even if the exact content of those conversations are washed from my memory. We truly are a Tribe, and I had so much fun experiencing high school with you all. 

To my friends: high school would have been tough without you. Never have I’ve forged stronger bonds with like-minded individuals who feel strongly about the same things I do. From books to politics to extracurriculars, everyday simultaneously felt new and the same. We all grew as we transitioned from freshman to sophomores, sophomores to juniors and, lastly, juniors to seniors. Our journey to graduation was difficult with the pandemic and other calamities that occurred along the way, but I wouldn’t have changed it for we certainly would have been different if I did. Onwards to the future!

I am going to miss high school and all the things I never got to experience. I will miss walking around Hart’s beautiful campus and seeing everyone. I will miss the classroom shenanigans and awkwardly walking around with stacks of newspapers on distribution day. I will even miss the tight deadlines of the newspaper and slaving over Indesign and Photoshopt to create a perfect layout. After four years, I think I finally understand what the alma mater says. “Home Sweet Hart” indeed. I couldn’t have been prouder to be a Hart Indian.

Peace out!

Claire Moylan 😀