Adapting as life changes once again

Life can be mysterious. And we as humans have very little control over what exactly happens. There is no possible way someone could have foreseen, or better yet, avoided the coronavirus outbreak. It was bound to happen, that is why the strongest of us are the ones who can adapt the best. We don’t control how the world is going to change, we can only control how we change with it.

Four years have flown by in a flash and now we move on. We adapt again, adapt to the college life with parties every weekend and tough professors during the week. Now everything is up to us and we don’t have mommy and daddy to watch over us anymore. We must yet again adapt to a new life. Everything changes after this year. We become adults who must find jobs and go to school and train ourselves to study, do our homework, wake up on time for work. No matter what the situation may be, we have finally become adults. And not the 18 year old adults that say they now should be treated as one but rely on others for everything. The adults that must live on their own and don’t brag about being one since they know how tough it is to be one themselves. Being an adult isn’t easy and it is yet another thing we must adapt to.

Life will never be the same. Enjoy the moment in the present but also look forward to the future. Don’t forget that now is a gift, but remember that the world doesn’t stop moving. Move with the world and flow like the water in our vast oceans. Do what you want with your life and be successful in your own way. Success does not mean rich, success is becoming someone similar to who you aspire to be and to do what you want with your life. Be successful in your own way.