Hart High School’s new mascot: the scarab

After a unanimous vote last week, the William S. Hart High School District voted to remove Hart’s Indian mascot. After receiving too many complaints and threats to sue, the board decided to change the mascot without consulting Hart students or staff. New mascots like the bison and actor have been suggested by Hart students, but the board already had a new mascot prepared: the scarab.

The scarab beetle was an important symbol in ancient Egypt and is most often depicted in amulet form. To the Egyptians, the scarab represented resurrection, transformation and protection. As a symbol of the sun god Re (or Ra), it mirrors the Egyptian myth of the sunset and sunrise. When Re would travel across the sky, he would age and die at sunset and be reborn at sunrise. According to school officials, the scarab perfectly represents being a student. Through learning and persevering through the long day, students are reborn as new individuals, full of knowledge, ready to spread what they know to the rest of the world. 

“Students work late into the night, and sometimes even early morning, to achieve academic excellence,” said one official. “The Scarab is the perfect animal to represent how Hart students always strive to do their best and learn as much as possible for the betterment of their education.” 

The school has received several complaints from the community about this change. The names used in the following quotes were changed to maintain the privacy of the interviewees. 

“I don’t understand why the scarab of all animals was chosen. It’s literally a dung beetle!” exclaimed Mythology Nerd™. 

“Scarabs have nothing to do with Hart High School’s history nor the Santa Clarita community. There are so many better options. I would have even settled for the actor instead,” said Annoyed Anonymous. 

Several other complaints followed similar lines of thought, and most agree that the scarab was a poor replacement for Hart’s Indian mascot. However, despite everyone pooing on their decision, the board continues to push their plan and officially rename the Hart Indians as the Hart Scarabs. 

“At least the logo will look cool,” said Mr. Brightside. 

The district also proposed a change in Hart’s motto from “Alive with Pride” to “Learning never rests.” But that decision is up for debate another time.  

APRIL FOOL’S! This is one of our joke articles for our April Fool’s issue: The Distress Signal. Thanks for reading and happy joking!