Luke Combs recent engagement triggers the announcement of new songs

Vinicia Tiscareno, Staff Writer

Luke Combs, one of America’s greatest country artists, has a lot of big and exciting news! The singer is officially getting married to his girlfriend Nicole Hocking. They recently announced this news as of August 8, 2020. They announced their engagement in 2018, following two years of dating. 

The couple first met when they both moved to Nashville around the same time. They had also lived in a small town, in which everybody knew each other. Combs and Hocking have both said it was love at first sight and they became inseparable.

“As Combs tried to get his career off the ground, Hocking was working seven days a week between two jobs. When Combs’ career exploded, Hocking left her job and eventually joined him on the road full time,” said Country News.

Combs and Hocking’s love story inspired him to write “Forever After All,” his new song that is said to be released soon. “Forever After All” is a sequel to his other songs “Better Together,” and “Beautiful crazy.” These songs truly embrace his love for Hocking in a way that only a country song can explain. 

Other than his upcoming release of his new song, Combs has a collection of songs that have yet to be released. He recently posted a sneak peek of his new song “Tomorrow Me”on TikTok. Along with that song, Combs’ new album, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get, is set to come out in October. Thousands of his fans are counting down for the release of his new album.