A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is an amazing tribute to Mr. Rogers

Nora Quiros, Staff Writer

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is based on a true story about a cynical journalist who is assigned to interview Mr. Rogers. Throughout the movie Mr. Rogers tries his best to pass his message of dealing with hard feelings to this journalist, who just doesn’t seem to know how to forgive.This movie does a great job of portraying the message of working out your  feelings in healthy ways that was spread by Mr. Rogers.  This is the perfect movie to watch when looking for something heart-warming.

The nostalgia, for anyone who watched Mr. Rogers as a child, will hit hard. Tom Hanks does an amazing job of portraying the kind and soft-spoken attitude that Mr. Rogers is known for. We also see many of the characters from the show like Daniel Tiger and King Friday. The most nostalgic part of the whole movie, for me, was the song, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”. All these elements from the old show is just one of the things that makes this movie so amazing. 

Another thing that made A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood so great was the way they were able to really show the impact that Mr. Rogers had on so many people.The impact that Mr. Rogers had on people spanned all over. People of different race, age, and circumstance all know his song and have all been taught the importance of expressing feelings by Mr. Rogers. The movie did a good job showing this impact. 

This whole movie tackles the mission that Mr. Rogers had the whole time,which  is being able to communicate our emotions and deal with them in a healthy way. This movie did that, and very well. This movie is one that I believe Mr. Rogers would have been very proud of. 

I rate this movie a 5/5.