Isaac Kim commits to Pomona College for Baseball


Isaac Kim steps up to home base and prepares to bat

Hart senior Isaac Kim recently committed to Pomona College for baseball.Pomona College is a part of the five colleges that make up the Claremont Colleges. Kim has been on Hart Varsity baseball for two years and plays first base. He has been a key player on the baseball team, contributing to the team’s success. 

“I chose Pomona because it was the best school for me with a great mix of baseball and academics. Baseball won’t always be there for me so it was important for me to choose the school where I can get the best education possible. With Pomona being the number one ranked liberal arts college in the nation, I am very happy with my decision” Kim said.

Kim started playing baseball at six years old and has always dreamed of playing in the big leagues.

Kim is a key player on the team as a first baseman

“I started to take things more seriously around my freshman year in high school and really dedicated myself to my sport,” Kim said. “I love how the game is so simple yet so complicated. From the outside it just seems like all you need to do is catch, throw, hit and run. However, there are a lot more things going on in the game than those four things. It’s been the small things inside the game that’s really sparked my love for baseball.”

Kim has formed a strong connection with his teammates. Though he is excited for the next four years at Pomona and his future career, Kim will miss the boys he has played with for the past couple years.

“I’ll miss seeing my boys everyday the most. They’ve been there for me through thick and thin and the memories we’ve made through the years will stick with me forever” said Kim.