Artist of the Issue: Joey Negrete


Used with permission from Joey Negrete

Shayna Tilles, Features Editor

Joey Negrete, junior, has been a notable and recognizable figure in Hart Show Choir. Following in his sister’s footsteps, Negrete moved straight to Sound Vibrations, the program’s advanced mixed choir, during his sophomore year. 

My sister was in choir when she went to Hart and it always looked like it was so much fun. I really wanted to feel what performing was like,” said Negrete.

In choir, Negrete sings as a tenor and is also the tenor section leader. He stands out as a prominent dancer and performer. However, despite his talent, he hadn’t done much performing prior to Hart Show Choir. 

“Before my sophomore year, I hadn’t really done much performing, but since I joined choir I’ve loved it so much! I had always loved to sing even though I hadn’t done much performing. Dancing always looked like it was so much fun, so I wanted to give them both a shot,”  Negrete said.

Not only has he been performing with the show choir program, he is also seen performing in Hart Theatre productions. His roles include The Wolf in Into the Woods and Billy Flynn in Chicago. After high school, he plans on attending a school for musical theatre with hopes of being a musical theatre actor in the future. 

“I just love getting the chance to sing, dance and express myself on stage,” Negrete said.

Negrete has proven his talent at multiple competitions, coming home with the Best Soloist Award more than once. Despite his season being cut short, he will continue to showcase his talents in Show Choir during his senior year as well.