Hart Senior Commits to Biola University


Senior Sarah Melvin is an attacking midfielder and forward on Hart’s girls’ soccer team. After playing four years in the Hart program, Melvin has committed to Biola University. She was offered not only a spot on their soccer team, but a significant scholarship to play for them.

I look forward to playing at a school who is eager to have me and will invest in making me a better player. I look forward to the amazing friendships I will make,” said Melvin.

Faith is something that has always been very important to her. Biola University is a Christian university that focuses on biblically centered education and spiritual development. Melvin is looking forward to not only playing her favorite sport, but also being able to practice her faith and be surrounded by others with her same beliefs.

Growing in her athletic abilities has helped her grow in many other aspects of her life, as well.

“Soccer has helped me cope with the struggles in my life, interact with others and learn lessons about hard work and focus. Soccer has taught me how strong my mind can be and how the thoughts in my mind produce my actions on the field,” Melvin said.

Soccer is a passion that brings much joy to Melvin. She plans on increasing her love for the sport by playing throughout college and eventually playing for professional soccer teams. With a great athletic program, Biola University has the potential to help her grow as an athlete, a student and in her faith. She believes that soccer is something that brings people together as it allows others to be creative and become involved in teamwork. It is apparent through her successes at Hart that her happiness resides when on the field, as she continuously proves her love for the game throughout the countless hours of training and travelling that she has put forth.

“I breathe soccer. It is passion and I thank God every day for allowing me to play this amazing sport,” Melvin said.

The senior has helped make history at Hart as the team just recently finished their season, ending with their seventh undefeated league championship in a row. After being a part of the past 40 undefeated league games, she will now move on to join her sister Rachel Melvin at Biola where she will undoubtedly make her name known there as well.