Meme Columnist: the two best January memes

Not gonna lie, I’m excited I finally get to write a meme review. Alright,  this month’s meme review is regarding two newer meme templates that have been birthed as a result of (*insert suspense and drum roll*) politics (shocking, really). 

The first meme template I will be reviewing this month is from a Bernie Sanders’ campaign ad (top), where Bernie asks his supporters for financial aid. This meme is a classic, where one can take what Sanders says completely out of context in order to make a great meme. These memes stem from Sanders’ plea for “financial support” from the public in order to continue his Presidential campaign. This meme can be used for simple financial-related memes, but I have also seen memes that change the word “financial” with other words, including, but not limited to, “technical” or “emotional” support. These memes began mid-January following Sanders’ December campaign video. Overall, from the various creative uses I have seen with this template, I’d give it a 5/5 for the template itself and for the memes that have come as a result.

This next template I will be reviewing this month (bottom) is a result of arguably one of the funniest yet most controversial Golden Globe opening monologues ever. Ricky Gervais, comedian and host of the 2020 Golden Globes that took place January 5, gave a spicy yet controversial speech, using his comedic background to slam the hypocrisy of Hollywood actors. Gervais received mixed responses from the crowd, ranging from huge laughs to visual disgust. Out of the many reactions to the speech was that of Tom Hanks, a long time Hollywood actor. His face soon became a viral meme. This template is awesome because one can make a meme about almost anything with Hanks’ face. I would probably give the template a 4/5 and give that same rating for the memes that have been made using this template. They are pretty funny, but not as funny as the Bernie meme. 

The memes that late December through mid-January brought did not disappoint, however these seemed to be two of the more popular templates, primarily in the month of January. Keep up the great work, meme community.