Are World War 3 Memes Creating Tension?

With tensions between the US and Iran increasing after Iran’s top commander was killed in a US drone strike, the media is going wild. 

Almost immediately after the incident, there was a social media frenzy. Though the memes are virtually everywhere, they are primarily on TikTok and Twitter. On Twitter, #WW3 was trending for several days. 

The memes are adding some humor to a very serious situation which is taking away the fear of actually going to war. This can also be seen as a coping mechanism and a way for people to express their anxieties in a comical way. 

Though the tone of the memes differ from platform to platform, the overall tone seems to be rather cheerful, most of the memes poking fun at the possibility of teenagers being drafted. Many discussed how they would avoid the draft or how unsuited they were to be in the war. There are also people expressing that since LGBTQ+ people aren’t very well represented in the military, they would be safe from the draft.

I find the WW3 memes to be quite hilarious and I appreciate that this day in age, we can use the internet to express ourselves and our thoughts on even political issues. Even though most of the people making the memes are lacking in actual knowledge of the topic, I find them to be almost comforting. The fact that other people are making jokes and being so nonchalant about the topic, takes away from the stress myself and many others may have otherwise experienced.

There is no harm in some funny memes, especially when they are putting many people at ease.