Ava’s Column: I can’t wait to watch XO, Kitty

XO, Kitty was released midnight, May 18 on Netflix. 

A week ago, I was on Instagram when I saw the teaser for an upcoming TV show titled XO, Kitty. The show is a spin-off of my favorite book series ever, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which was converted into a film trilogy back in 2018. 

The show is going to be a romantic comedy, which I am a fan of, and its premise is super interesting. The show is going to follow Lara Jean’s younger sister, Kitty, as she goes to a boarding school in South Korea called the Korean Independent School of Seoul. Ironically, the school is commonly referred to as “KISS.” KISS is the same boarding school that Kitty’s late mom went to, and Kitty hopes that this experience will help her connect to her mother. Kitty is also using this opportunity to connect with the Korean side of her identity and to chase after a boy she dated over the summer named Dae.

At the beginning of the trailer, I had serious doubts about the romance aspect of this show. The trailer made it seem like the primary reason Kitty wanted to go to school in South Korea was to reunite with Dae. However, as soon as Kitty arrives at KISS, she discovers that Dae already has a girlfriend. Then, the trailer diverges into showcasing Kitty connecting with her culture and learning new things about herself. There is even a scene with Kitty explicitly saying that she did not enroll in KISS solely for Dae, and this gave me hope for the show. 

But, I still think Kitty is going to end up with Dae. The trailer gave away all the major plot points of the show, including what I am 99% sure Dae will be breaking up with his current girlfriend because he “embraces his feelings for Kitty.” I am not a fan of this ending, but all of the assumptions and opinions that I have formed on this show are based off of a two minute, 33 second trailer. As the show progresses, I might end up enjoying the romance aspect of this series. I am going to do my best to go into XO, Kitty with an open mind. Overall, I am excited for the show to come out, and was surprised when I saw the first teaser for it. Maybe Lara Jean will make a surprise cameo!