Senior Farewell: Riley Vedomske

Riley Vedomske, Copy Editor

My four years at Hart, as well as for the class of 2023, have been pretty hectic, but luckily we could all still try to find bright spots in our high school experience. One of my favorite experiences from Hart High has definitely been Journalism. This is only my first year being a part of Journalism, though now I definitely wish I had started freshman year. It has been my favorite elective class that I’ve taken at Hart, and is probably my favorite class I’ve ever taken throughout my four years here. If anyone is reading this and is interested in joining Journalism, definitely do it!

One of the other parts of high school that I love is playing lacrosse. I first started playing my sophomore year because I wanted to be involved with something on campus. Fortunately, I ended up joining when the team was just starting, as it was the first year for girls’ lacrosse to be a Hart sport. I never could have pictured myself as a high school athlete, but I ended up loving the sport, and most of all, my team! I’m really looking forward to college, but leaving my team is going to be the hardest part of graduating high school. I still hope to play in college, but more for fun instead of highly competitive. I would absolutely recommend to anyone to get involved in something at Hart, whether it’s a certain class, or a sport, because you never know, you can find something you really love!