Hart Regiment is moving on from their fall competition set


Photo taken by Hart High School Drumline

Moving On is the Hart Winter Drumline’s 2023 competition set. The show focuses on the idea of moving on in life; although, there are several different interpretations of the meaning behind the show.

“In general it could mean anything because it’s just about moving on in life from certain things. It’s up to you what you want it to mean,” said Danielle Pacheco, a senior member of the Hart Drumline.

There are a variety of different songs played by the drumline throughout their show, including “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff in the first movement. The second movement of the show includes features of the different groups in the drumline with the three seniors in the battery (Christopher Downey, Abel Montes De Oca and Andrew Seal) having special solos that then combine as the battery comes to play together. The pit does something similar as Nicholas Gonzalez has a marimba solo at the beginning of the second movement. As the piece continues, Gonzalez is joined by the xylophone, the vibes and then the marimba, until all of the pit is playing together as a unified segment.

The show also features senior Beck Forgrave on synth in a solo at the show’s beginning, as well as a special outro at the end of the show.

 The set includes various different props including a tarp and backdrops with an arabesque design. There are also three doors through which the three senior members of battery travel through to the future while the rest of the group waves them goodbye.

“It’s a send off for the seniors [in drumline] as they move on to college, especially since most of us won’t continue in music,” Pacheco said.