Portals transports listeners into Melanie Martinez’s newest era

March 31, Melanie Martinez’s new album Portals finally came out! A lot of people were looking forward to this, including myself. Melanie Martinez has also had two albums in the past, Cry Baby and K-12

Melanie Martinez is very well known for her unique aesthetics (which I love). For a long time she had her cute, childlike aesthetic which went along with her previous albums. But, her aesthetic recently changed with the release of Portals. Now, Melanie has an aesthetic centered around nature; almost fairy-like. She still has similarities with her previous aesthetic though; cute outfits, and a pink theme. Although I loved her Cry Baby aesthetic, I adore her new look and am excited to see more of it in any new music videos.

Melanie Martinez has 13 new songs in her Portals album, (plus an additional three songs for the Deluxe edition of Portals) with the song “Death” released early, March 17. The “Death” music video emphasized Melanie’s rebirth and her change of aesthetics — a new version of herself.

My top three favorite songs from Melanie’s new album are “Void,” “Tunnel Vision” and “Evil.” “Void” I had already heard part of, which went viral on Tik Tok (some of Melanie’s songs, or parts of her songs, got leaked), but I was really excited to finally hear the rest of the song! The part that went viral, which some people may recognize, is “…I hate who I was before/ I fear I won’t live to see the day tomorrow/ Someone tell me if this is hell…” Before the full song came out, there was some argument over if the lyrics were “I hate who I was before” or “Why hate who I was before?,” but now we finally know that “I hate…” is the correct one.

Another one of her Portals songs that went viral before it was officially released was “The Contortionist.” This song was lower on my ranking of songs from this album, but I still liked it overall. I wasn’t a fan of the sound effects that went with “The Contortionist,” but the rest of it was good.

 I didn’t dislike any of her songs on this album as a whole, but there was one other that I didn’t like the beginning lyrics of, which was “Moon Cycle.”

A song that I absolutely loved from this album, “Tunnel Vision,” had an amazing rhythm and beat, and I especially loved the instrumentals that went along with it. Melanie’s voice always outshines everything though; she has one of my favorite singing styles out of all the artists I listen to. 

Overall, I really loved this album, and would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. However Cry Baby will probably always have some of my favorite songs. I definitely recommend listening to her new album on whatever streaming device you use! 

My official ranking of songs is down below (from favorite to my least favorite), although it will probably change the more I listen to them.

  1. “Void”
  2. “Tunnel Vision”
  3. “Evil”
  4. “Womb” 
  5. “Battle Of The Larynx” 
  6. “Light Shower”
  7. “Leeches” 
  8. “Death”
  9. “Spider Web”
  10.  “Nymphology”
  11.  “The Contortionist”
  12.  “Moon Cycle”
  13.  “Faerie Soirée”

The additional three songs for Portals (Deluxe) are:

  1. “Milk Of The Siren”
  2. “Pluto”
  3. “Powder”