Your Place or Mine: another example of a low quality modern rom-com

Netflix’s Your Place or Mine is yet another example of the downward trend of poor quality that modern rom-coms seem to be falling into. I could not find myself empathizing with any of the characters because of their two-dimensionality and unoriginality. 

The plotline follows a second-chance romance, friends to lovers format in which the two leads are designated as total opposites. Although unoriginal, such a plot can still be well executed. This is not the case in Your Place or Mine

The movie follows the two characters as they learn more about each other’s lives and thus end up slowly falling for each other once again. Unsurprisingly, the couple ends up together in a classic big showcase at the airport, demonstrating a very When Harry Met Sally-esque, dramatic ending. These stereotypical tropes aren’t necessarily what led to the movie’s downfall. These blueprints are put in place because often, they can and are done well. Your Place or Mine simply took advantage of these well-known tropes and depended on them to get lazy in other areas. 

Now, the actors are not entirely to blame, but they certainly didn’t help improve the outcome. I’ve never seen Ashton Kutcher in anything before this, and I must say, I don’t think I ever want to. I have never seen an actor play a character so flatly, except in maybe a student-made Youtube short film. I hope Reese Witherspoon was paid mountains more because she really had to carry all of their scenes together. Even the twelve year old son showed a much more mature array of emotions and gave a far more believable performance. 

All in all, the movie was not terrible, just a waste of time. If romantic comedies are your thing, it might be worth a watch. But unless you truly have nothing else to see or are just wanting two hours of mindless entertainment, Your Place or Mine will suffice. It gets ⅖ stars.