Hart Show Choir begins an exciting competition season


Hartbreakers performing “Before he Cheats” by Carrie Underwood during their Pop Show. Photographed by Bella Galoostian.

Hart Show Choir recently performed their annual Pop Show. The performance included an array of solo acts to the music of movies like Disenchanted and pop songs like Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. The Placerita Junior High group, Major Minors, showcased their Inside Out themed set. Included were also snippets from the competition sets Hart n Soul, Hartbreakers and Soundvibes will be performing this season. 

The Show Choir travels to high schools around Southern California to compete against other high school show choirs. This year, Hart’s sets include performances inspired by meditation, Despicable Me and Pandora’s Box/The Seven Deadly Sins. Each set includes an accapella number. 

At their first competition, Hartbreakers won their division with their disco-yoga inspired routine. Junior Hartbreakers member Brooke Ewing serves as the yoga instructor throughout the set, leading and working with the rest of the group in the opening number.

Soundvibes’ ranked second at their first competition. Their set details the story of Pandora’s box with dramatic lighting, elaborate sets and meticulous costume design. Junior Soundvibes member Gabija Zukauskas is a featured singer in the opening number.  

Hart n Soul takes inspiration from the movie Despicable Me; the cast is dressed as minions with a featured performer playing Gru.

Each group continues to rehearse and add songs to their competition sets, preparing for  the big finale. With each performance they work out what needs to be changed, fixed or added.