Hart Theater’s excellent evening of one acts


Hart High Theatre hosted an evening of one act performances on January 26 at 7 p.m. in Hart Auditorium. Tickets were sold at the door priced at $10 for everyone, and concessions were also sold.

All one acts received were donated by playwright professionals: Vincent J. Cardinal, Barry Agin, Wade Bradford and Sarah Busic. 

“With the change in our season schedule we needed to put a show in the winter slot quickly. Because of that, we were fortunate enough to have a lot of playwriting professionals donate their intellectual property so that we could put up a show quickly,”said Hart High Theatre Director, Jarod Spradling. 

The fun part about the one act performances is that they were all student directed, with the exception of The Colorado Catechism being directed by Spradling himself.

The artistic and creative teams were created exclusively from Hart High’s theatre tech and stagecraft, so student artistic directors and creative teams were able to work on each individual piece with the student directors.

“The benefits of one acts are that it gives just enough material for students to sink their teeth into creatively in addition to finding beats and overall story arc without being overwhelmed by a larger, daunting piece of text,” Spralding said. 

Doing a one act performance was a good start for Charlie Molerio, as this was his theatrical debut with Hart High. The one act Going Up by Barry Agin allowed Molerio to show his theatrical creativity and natural skills.

Student directors were provided with enough material from the one acts to work with while not overwhelming the student directors. Student directors Sam Kort, Dani Sligh and Ray Dorsch were responsible for directing some of the one acts, and this was their directorial debut. Sligh was also acting in the piece they were directing, so not only was this their directorial debut, but also their acting debut.