Hart Show Choir is preparing for an eventful competition season

Hart Show Choir has been working hard as they prepare for all their events planned for the upcoming semester. They now focus on their competition sets, which will be performed at various competitions hosted by schools around southern California. Sound Vibrations member Cadence Walters particularly enjoys competition season.

I get to compete with my fellow team mates with a competition set that we have worked so hard on, as well as meet other show choir kids from around the state,” Walters said.

The Sound Vibrations group’s competition set this year follows the theme of Pandora’s Box and the Seven Deadly Sins.

“It is such a great set and I can’t wait to compete at our first competition,” Walters said.

Fellow Sound Vibrations member Sioeli Aliki has been performing with Hart Show Choir for four years now, and is excited for his final semester with the program. In addition to state competitions, show choir is also preparing for their classical festival.

“We are working on our competition sets and our classical pieces for our classical festival we are going to,” Aliki said.

Aliki shares his favorite parts of Hart’s show choir in particular. “My favorite part is the bond you make with everyone you meet in the program. It is also a lot of fun.”