Adidas ends long-running partnership with Kanye West after latest controversy

Photo of Kanye West taken by Tyler Curtis.

Photo of Kanye West taken by Tyler Curtis.

Ethan Chavez, Staff Writer

Popular rap artist Kanye West, now known as Ye, joined forces with the massive shoe company Adidas in February of 2015 to market Ye’s sneaker brand, Yeezys. However, recent controversy involving the prolific musician has led to Adidas terminating this partnership.

Controversy has followed Ye for much of his career, but his most recent actions have led to what may be the most outrage he has faced yet. On October 9, Ye posted an antisemitic tweet on Twitter, sparking public backlash. Additionally, on October 15, he claimed that George Floyd, an African American man who was beaten and killed by a police officer in 2020, actually died from the drug fentanyl. Ye was also known to wear “White Lives Matter” shirts as a parody of “Black Lives Matter”, a movement that was especially driven by Floyd’s death.

Ye’s cascading controversies brought him much public scrutiny and denouncement, but it also was notably the final straw for Adidas. The company and Ye had a notable history of disagreements, but Ye had remained confident that nothing could end their partnership. In fact, even after his recent antisemitic comments, Ye said “the thing about it being Adidas is like, I can literally say antisemitic s— and they cannot drop me.”

However, it would appear that Ye was incorrect with this statement as, on October 25, Adidas would announce that they were ending their partnership with Ye. After more than seven years together, Adidas and Ye are no longer collaborating.