Slashers take the cake for the best horror subgenre

Horror movies are so loved because they have a wide variety of monsters, slashers, supernatural, sci-fi, and, surprisingly, comedy. These are all subgenres we hold dear in our terrified hearts, but what is the most terrific horror genre among them all? 

Unexpectedly, comedy is well-liked in the horror genre. While horror movies make us curl around the people next to us and ironically say, “well, shiver me timbers,” humor makes us laugh and relax, easing the tension. 

When thinking about horror movies, the supernatural is most likely what pops into your head. This genre is undoubtedly iconic, with it being only second to the slasher sub-genre due to all of its evil spirits, zombies, and much more.

Slashers are well known in all the horror sub genres with many iconic villains, such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Jackson, and their never ending sequels. Setting slashers apart from other subgenres, slashers features a human killer giving a more realistic touch. Overall, making the premise of a horror movie scarier because a human could kill someone in real life.

Sci-fi and horror are two peas in a pod. Together they make an excellent triple combo deluxe, with the unforeseen, wonder of Sci-fi and horror’s specialty to make you screech. The long-running Aliens franchise is proof of how successful the sci-fi and horror genres are. 

Of all of these terrifying genres, let’s not kid ourselves. The slasher genre is the greatest of all horror genres. As mentioned, slasher films feature a human as the killer, not some supernatural force like aliens. It’s not necessary to explain how a human killer is marginally scarier.