Artist of the Issue: Savannah Boyajian


Image from Savannah Boyajian.

Savannah Boyajian swears she never drew on the walls as a kid. However, her parents had other things to say about that. In Mrs. Boyajian’s words, “Savannah was a handful,” but a talented handful at that. In any case, Savannah Boyajian showed an aptitude for art from a very young age. 

When asked, Savannah Boyajian explained how her creativity took form. She remembered it started with the simplest of all the art supplies: paper. She didn’t make unintelligible scribbles or soak the paper through with paint. She would construct toys.“I would fold myself tea sets and little dolls; I wanted them to be as realistic as possible,” said Boyajian. She would fold clothes for her stuffed animals that matched outfits of her own. To reach her standards of realism, she would use her colored pencils to bring them all to life. Thus, her love for creating began.  

Boyajian’s talent was recognized as early as elementary school when her work, Reflection, was chosen for the school art gallery. She and her parents were so excited that she started art lessons not long after. Boyajian has been taking art classes for 12 years and has become an expert in many facets of the craft. “My favorite part of art is that I can express emotions while also having fun,” Boyajian said. 

Now a senior at Hart, Boyajian is a published artist whose work has appeared in several local art shows. Boyajian’s artwork Every Shot Never Heard was displayed prominently at the Black History Month art show. She has also taken part in the Youth Art Showcase and several other local shows. 

Boyajian has commissioned several oil paintings and water colors, but her favorite medium remains drawing with the humble pen and pencil. “I like drawing with pencils to get the details I can’t with other mediums,” Boyajian said. The walls of her room are covered floor to ceiling with art work she has created over the years. She keeps all of her old sketchbooks in a box in her closet so she can look back and see her progress. Boyajian has made many friends in her art classes and more at the shows. She says that she treasurers those friendships and enjoys the company of like minded people who cheer each other on. 

Boyajian is looking forward to a creative future, as she hopes to pursue a career in the arts as a graphic designer and expand her repertoire. “I think that art is a very important part of life. And I hope that all people can find art in their life, because it is such a joy,” Boyajian said.