Moon Knight is the best Marvel show to date

Moon Knight is the first Marvel Disney Plus Series that I have actually liked since WandaVision. It’s fresh, unique, engaging and doesn’t rely on constant references to the rest of the MCU. It’s the first product that Marvel’s released in a long time that I felt was actually original. In fact, I’ll go so far as saying it’s the best Marvel Disney Plus series released so far.

4.5/5 stars

— Benjamin Haslam

The show begins with no context given as to what’s going on, allowing the audience to feel the confusion that the main character Steven feels. As more is revealed, the audience gains a greater understanding of what’s happening along with him. Then suddenly, after you finally think you’ve got a firm hold on the plot and the entire premise of the show, it is blown out of the water and throws the audience into even more confusion than they were in at the beginning of the show.

The characters are engaging, unique and mysterious, and all brand new for once. The main character (characters?), Steven Grant and Marc Spector, struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder, providing a great opportunity for Oscar Isaac to show off his acting skills, switching back and forth between personalities in short amounts of time. It also provides a great gimmick for the show, as they become aware of one another and must interact within one body as they learn to live with each other. Ethan Hawke gives a great performance as an off-putting villain, whose character blurs the line between good and evil, as does the hero’s Egyptian god mentor, Khonshu.

The writing is funny, the choreography is satisfying and easy to follow (an extreme rarity for Marvel, as they usually use four cuts to show one punch), there are plenty of interesting visuals and a very unique variety of sets. Emotional moments hit hard. The only major criticism I have is that the pacing is a little slow. Especially the first two episodes. It’s supposed to be slow, but it was a little difficult to sit through two episodes of what was, at the time, nonsense because the show hadn’t revealed what was fully going on. 

Overall, if you can get through the first two episodes, it’s totally worth it to experience the insane directions this show takes, with some great character development along with it.