Theater presents their own skits, children’s book performance, and Shakespearean comedy

Hart theater is transitioning to higher quality work this semester in all three levels of the class. Mr. Spradling teaches these classes and has a plan for each of his 3 Theater classes.


On Wednesday 3/16 through Friday 3/18 Theater 1 performed their own “Skit Shows”; anyone with a free period for 2nd, 3rd or 4th was invited to attend in the auditorium. These shows were a presentation from the students.

Theater 2 is adapting a children’s book to perform in a children’s theater. They are currently working with Olive Branch Theatricals to possibly perform there in May. Theater 2 might get a chance to use their Olive Branch’s professional theater space. Mr. Spradling said that they will release more information about this show soon!


Finally, Theater 3 will be performing a Raucous Shakespearean comedy Thursday, April 28th.

“The cast is working with components of Commedia Dell’arte,  British Panto, and the art of the Lazzi to bring you a Raucous Shakespearean comedy opening this spring,” said Mr. Spradling.


 More information about this theater production will be coming soon, as well as the winner of the Promotional Materials Art Contest.