Uncharted video game moves to the big screen

Something I have to consider before giving a full review of a movie is whether it’s good because of the interesting plot and character development or because Tom Holland is in it. I had to consider this dilemma with respect to Uncharted, featuring Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Taylor Ali, Antonio Banderas and last but certainly not least Tom Holland.

Overall, I give this movie  ⅗ stars! 

— Avery Tracy

I felt the movie was not bad but nothing special. It seemed like your regular treasure hunt with plot twists and backstabbing. I didn’t like how convenient everything was, not building enough tension in distraught parts. As an audience member, I didn’t get satisfaction from overcoming the somewhat struggles Holland and Wahlberg had to endure. However, the comedic timing was fantastic, leaving the audience with lots of giggles. My favorite action scene is near the end when the two boats are fighting in the air, colliding into one another, helicopters trying to somehow maneuver their direction, while people are fighting on the boats. I love the battle scenes that take place on these ships and the overall grandness of such a ridiculous concept. 

I watched this movie alongside my brother, who had played the video games that inspired Uncharted, seeing him satisfied with moments that paid tribute to the game. For instance, watching Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) put on the iconic brown vest from the video game during the flying battleship scene was something an ordinary audience member might have missed, having not been familiar with the game. 

Lastly, I felt the death of Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) was somewhat annoying. Having spent his whole life searching for clues to lead him to the gold, even killing his father when his father stopped funding such silliness, it’s so unlikely that Moncada’s crew (which he would have taken the time to make sure they were loyal) would randomly team up with Braddock (Tati Gabriell) to help her find the gold. I felt that Moncada was a better villain and competitor than Braddock.

Having seen many treasure hunting movies, such as The Goonies, National Treasure, and the Indiana Jones series, I find them all better than Uncharted. There’s really no immediate need to see Uncharted. Overall, I give this movie  ⅗ stars!