Sam Levinson’s Euphoria lacks a plot

Euphoria’s season two came in hot. Concluding with episode eight, the two-month-long season two release was nothing but heart-wrenching, eye-opening and anxiety-inducing. 

Following the first season, Euphoria’s characters continued to explore the dark depths of high school, substance abuse and self-identity. Even so, new characters were introduced as previous characters continued to suffocate in the emotional damage of their past and present. Elliot (Dominic Fike) and Laurie (Martha Kelly), the season’s newest editions, took on punchable personas, yet added to the overall plot of the story—  if there were one. 

Writer Sam Levinson’s organization capabilities paralleled the stupidity levels of Spongebob’s Patrick Star. The season had about three different plots, failing to flow effortlessly together. While each plot was far from disappointing, I was dissatisfied to see a lack of connection. If the season were a few episodes longer, Levinson could have found a way to tie everything together and provide both the audience and characters with the closure they deserve. Instead, viewers were shocked by an unexpected death. Episode eight truly felt like it was thrown together at the last moment, with characters acting in ways never seen before and viewers still awaiting unanswered questions from episode three. While I do love the chaotic mess of the characters, I do not love the chaotic mess of the unpolished plot. 

Nevertheless, I waited for each week’s airing, partially recovered from what I had seen the week before. It would be a lie to say that this show is an easy watch. There is a lot to unpack as the show is deeply emotional and prompts content warnings of sexual abuse, substance abuse, familial abuse and more. It is astounding to see cast members Zendaya, Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow, amongst others, dive into roles as complex as Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Taking on a sensitive and tricky concept, season two continued to successfully take hold of viewers’ hearts and pull them through a story surrounding the rollercoaster of life. While the series remains a favorite of mine, Levinson’s inability to produce a seamless plot leaves me no choice but to rate Euphoria season two a ⅘.