Hart holds its first school wide dance since pre-Covid times

Leisha Cuneta, Social Media Manager


For the first time since Covid lockdowns, Hart held a schoolwide dance. Hart High School’s winter formal took place February 17. The dance lasted from 7:30pm – 11:30pm and took place in the quad, which ASB had decorated with bright lights and thematic decorations to make Hart’s quad look like New York City. 

“[It was] a bright memory to remember like nights in New York,” said Justin Hamilton, freshman.

The formal consisted of a pool table, arcade games, music, a photo booth, New York props and heaters. Although it was cold, students still had fun dancing, talking, jumping, singing and playing. Since covid restrictions have been easing up, everyone at the dance was able to have an experience that resembled pre-covid times. 

“It was so cute huddling up together with all my friends by the heaters and being surrounded by music,” said Jaysea Danielson, freshman. 

Students paid $40 with an ASB card and $45 without during the first week of ticket sales. Ticket prices increased to $55 the week of the dance.

“The dance was worth the cost. Yes, it was expensive for a good reason as we got a great dance that we will never forget. My favorite part was the photo booth and I spent the majority of my time there,” said Benedetta Daugereau, sophomore.