Russia invades Ukraine

Patrick Done, News Editor

War has come to Ukraine. February 24 Russian forces began shelling Ukrainian military targets such as weapon storage facilities, airports and military bases. Russia also launched ballistic missiles into Ukraine, hitting all regions of the Eastern European nation. Soon after, Russian troops began to move into Ukraine, targeting Kiev, Odessa and Kharkiv. Reports on the advance have been inconsistent, as the Russian and Ukrainian government are reporting dramatically different stories from the front lines. 

The Ukrainian government has claimed tremendous success so far, inflicting heavy casualties on the advancing Russian troops. Videos from across social media have largely supported these claims, showing Russian convoys being destroyed and fighter jets from the Russian air force being shot down by Ukrainian anti-air defenses. 

The Russian government has claimed that there have been no major casualties, and that the Ukrainian people are “welcoming” Russian “peacekeeping” forces into their nation. Videos from social media have also shown Russian airstrikes hitting civilian districts, with fighter jets striking civilian homes in border regions. Civilians are seeking shelter in subways to keep themselves safe from the conflict, others have chosen to flee to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations. 

NATO and the European Union have declared that strict sanctions will be implemented against Russian banks and oligarchs in response to the Russian invasion. The Russian stock exchange closed 33% down from yesterday, and Russians have taken to the streets to protest the conflict. Public support for the war is weak in Russia, many speculate, with Russia suffering from economic stagnation that will only be exacerbated by Western economic sanctions.

The NATO alliance has said that no troops will be deployed to Ukraine, but weapons and other supplies will be sent. Whether or not the United States and its NATO allies can avoid war with Russia has yet to be seen, with Russia’s invasion threatening to engulf the world in another major global conflict.


*This is a developing story. Please check back with updates.