Mitski Miyawaki’s new album wins the hearts of listeners

Indie power-house Mitski Miyawaki, commonly known as Mitski, returned with her sixth album, Laurel Hell. This album is a synth-pop symphony of incredible proportions, with obvious 80s influence and endless amounts of catchy lyrics. Emotionally mature but still agonizing lyrics and swirling synthesizer soundscapes are a constant throughout this beautiful album. The overall themes of loneliness that are ever present in Miyawaki’s work ring true in Laurel Hell

5/5 stars

— Lincoln Jones-Hartman

She echoes this constant sorrow and reflects on past relationships in a more “adult” manner than her past albums. Miyawaki trades in post-teenage angst for a more mature outlook on a failing relationship. She points out the beauty in sorrow, with plenty of beautiful and very memorable lyrics.

The best tracks are “Valentine, Texas,” a powerful indie love ballad with a hard-hitting bass line, “Stay Soft,” a catchy poppy meditation on vulnerability, “Love Me More,” a harrowing and desperate beseechment to an unnamed lover and “The Only Heartbreaker,” a turning point for the album where she declares herself to be the “only heartbreaker,” taking the power back from her failed past relationships.

The production on this album is mind-blowing, listen with headphones or the highest quality of speaker you can find, layer upon layer of synth and keyboard unravels itself in this artful collection of fantastic and vibrant auditory explosions. I know it’s a little early to call this but dare I say Album of the Year?