Star Wars character Boba Fett returns to the screen

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Boba Fett has long been established as a ruthless bounty hunter, the best in all the galaxy, who audiences have presumed dead since the Return of the Jedi, Where he falls into a Sarlacc pit. I guess it was overambitious for the viewer to assume such a death, because Disney had brought us the show The Book of Boba Fett. 

2.75/5 stars

— Avery Tracy

Going into this series, I really had no idea where Disney was going to take this show; however, from just the first episodes I felt Disney didn’t know either. Receiving flashback scenes where Boba Fett helped the Tusken tribe and became a member himself with a weird ritual of a lizard going through his nose. All that drama led to a hallucinatory journey. It was an attempt to showcase this tribe as Boba’s first family, but I felt it hindered the character’s known essence of being ruthless and cut throat.

 When we came out of the flashback scenes, we followed around Boba and his deadly assassin Fennec Shand who were taking up Jabba the Hutt’s crime lord’s business. The scene felt very choppy and unrelated to Boba’s overall character. As an audience member, I found myself questioning why Boba Fett would want such a position. Going from a traveling bounty hunter to caring about the order of democracy on Tatooine just seemed like a stretch. Disney also fails to give a reason as to why. 

Suddenly, during the 5th episode, it was as if the total main character shifted to Mandolarian and Grogu, which has its own 2 season series on Disney. Not feeling fulfilled with the overall ending which doesn’t even include Boba Fett in the last scene, I felt as though this was a filler season and a sequel to The Mandalorian. It didn’t feel as if Boba was the main character and lacked an overall cohesive plot line. However, having some comedic relief I will give this season a 2.75/5 stars.