The Golden Globes emerge surrounded by controversy

In one of the most unceremonious ceremonies of awards show history, The Golden Globes happened last month… on Twitter.

The road from being one of the most popular awards shows on television to debuting winners on Twitter began in February of 2021, when the LA Times published an expose of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)- the “Academy” equivalent of the Golden Globes. The report highlighted some questionable financial practices and a lack of diversity (specifically the lack of any black voting members) in the voting body. 

Despite the HFPA initiating reform measures within the organization, nearly 100 Hollywood PR firms vowed to boycott any HFPA events, insisting the measures did not go far enough and were not implemented in a timely enough manner. 

The widespread controversy and condemnation of the HFPA led to NBC, the network that has aired the Golden Globes annually since 1996, to drop the broadcast in 2022. 

With no Hollywood support, no broadcast, and the Omicron variant surging, the HFPA officially cancelled the traditional red carpet and accompanying audience for the ceremony. 

The Golden Globes were officially held on January 9th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, with only a small number of HFPA members present. Instead of a broadcast, the winners were announced on Twitter. 

The HFPA plans to return to the more traditional broadcast ceremony in 2023, when they hope to regain the support of Hollywood studios and firms.