Cody Fry: The All Around Musician

Creating music that fits in multiple genres and is versatile, Cody Fry has to be one of the best artists. His music normally includes a big orchestra and can fit in most genres of music, including pop, jazz, indie and classical. He is the composer and producer of some of his own songs, but can also be the lead singer, and now and then he also plays the guitar. The “Eleanor Rigby” cover he sang made him viral on Tik Tok, as well as  the cover of  “I Hear a Symphony.” His albums Pictures of Mountains and Flying have many beautiful classical/pop songs, whereas some of his singles including “Want Me Back,” “Better,” “Thinking About You” and “That Thing You Do” are more pop/indie.

Not only is he good at making good music for himself, but he’s also great at making music for National ad campaigns, McDonald’s Superbowl commercials, video games, Netflix shows, and Google. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Cody Fry grew up in a musical family and learned a love for music. His dad is an orchestral composer and often made him sing when he was making ads for companies. He grew up playing piano all his life and also picked up the guitar in high school. I’d say my favorite song by Cody Fry would be “Photograph.” “Photograph” is a sweet song with simple lyrics that convey how much he loves his wife. It talks about moments he wishes he could relive or take a magical photograph that he could live inside forever. These are quite possibly the cutest lyrics I’ve ever heard:

If I wished myself a superpower

I would make this moment last for hours

If I had my will, time would just stand still

Wait for me until I find some magic film

To take a photograph and live inside


I need some way to prove that this was real

A memory is not enough

I’m scared that I’ll forget the way it feels

To be young and in love