Don’t Look Up [at the screen]: you might be bored

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Don’t Look Up is Netflix’s latest and (not quite) greatest offering: a dry, punchy and existential dark comedy. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star as two unheard of astronomers who discover an armageddon-level sized comet.  A quirky, unique and at times off the rails political satire ensues.

Dicaprio’s slightly awkward and bumbling Dr. Mindy provides a charming counterpart to Lawrence as the witty and explosive Kate Dibiasky. Don’t Look Up has an All-Star cast featuring Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett. A guest appearance from Ariana Grande as a fictional pop-star is a nice “tongue-in-cheek” gag. Unfortunately, this incredible cast is incredibly underused, with every scene leaving me wishing for more. 

2.5/5 stars

— Lincoln Jones-Hartman

I found the editing to be underwhelming and misguided. The lighting and shot composition is very pleasant, but the editing made everything incredibly jumpy and awkward. Tense moments became quite humorous and clunky, which was very disappointing.

Streep and Hill steal every scene they’re in; their characters act as a caricature of incompetent politicians, and this film pokes fun at everyone who has had a hand in our planet’s downfall. 

Don’t Look Up holds a mirror to our society, and then points and laughs at the viewer. It says, “We are all going to die, and it is hilarious.”