Saweetie’s new album lacks style

After several setbacks and delays, Saweetie’s debut album Pretty [Girl] Music was released. Saweetie has had several radio hits such as “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat and “My Type,” but nothing groundbreaking. Audiences were curious which direction Saweetie was going to take with her debut, and if she was going to establish herself as an artist that is here to stay. Saweetie did not achieve this with her debut. Her new album is lacking creativity, lyricism and expertise. 

1/5 stars

— Ava Smith

When searching for Saweetie’s new album on YouTube, it says there are eleven tracks. However, there are only five songs on the album. Majority of the extra tracks are just different music videos of the same songs. The five songs are also incredibly similar, with almost identical beats and meanings. All of them are too repetitive. It feels like the lackluster chorus is the entire song, making it difficult to sit through an entire track on the album. Saweetie needed to add some sort of variation to her debut, whether that be different verses, track beats or meanings. 

I would not recommend Saweetie’s album, but it has potential. If Saweetie’s next album has more variation and creativity, it could be a fairly decent body of work. Saweetie has room to grow.