The truth behind Ron’s Gone Wrong is revealed

Ron’s Gone Wrong, released October 22, is a comedy family movie. It is about a socially awkward boy named Barney, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, and a small malfunctioning robot named Ron, played by Zach Galifianakis. In the movie, a new piece of technology is released, the robots, and they are supposed to be their owner’s best friends. The robots are to know everything about their owner and connect them to other people. They see if other people have the same interests, and if they do, they befriend them. But when other people don’t have the same interests, the robots don’t match, and the people don’t end up talking to each other. What was originally created as a way to make friends is now made as a way to separate people by likes and dislikes. Since Barney’s robot has malfunctioned, it doesn’t have the right code the other robots do, and Barney helps his robot create a code. The entirety of the movie is the journey of becoming true best friends with his robot.

This movie definitely did a great job as a family movie because it was funny and enjoyable for children and it had a deeper meaning for adult audiences. It showed the dangers of technology and how it could ruin us. It showed how obsessed people can be with inanimate objects and how it can get in the way of our friendships and relationships with other people, but it also showed how, if used right, technology can help us realize and change the way we do things, and can actually help make and grow relationships. It takes the idea of technology being a double edged sword and turns it into a full movie showcasing exactly how it can be that.

Not only that, but it also showed that the two sides of technology are controlled by the people in charge. Andrew Morris, played by Bob Delaney, plays one of the two CEOs of the Bubble Company, along with Marc Weidell, played by Justice Smith. The two CEOs have very different personalities, and very different plans for where the company is supposed to go. One wants to make high profits off of everything he sells, whereas the other is invested in changing people’s lives for the better. When one is in charge, it doesn’t matter what happens to people and how they live their life, as long as the money is rolling in life is great. But to the other, if people’s lives aren’t changed for the better, what is the point of creating this technology that is ultimately the downfall of all these people?