Last Night In Soho Review

Last Night in Soho follows a fashion major in university, Eloise, who has recently moved to Soho, London. In an attempt to move away from her awful roommate, she rents a room from an elderly woman named Miss Collins. When Eloise falls asleep, she is transported to the time period she has always wanted to live in, London in the 1960s. She lives through Sandy, an aspiring singer who will do anything to achieve her goals. While glamorous at first, things quickly take a sinister turn. 

The plot of this movie is intriguing, however, the movie has many plot holes and leaves you with questions that never get answered. Sandy was forced into sex work by her agent, who convinced her that it was the only way to eventually become a singer as a woman. Eloise starts to hallucinate the men that Sandy worked with in her day to day life, and she also starts to hallucinate Sandy in her daily routine. The reason for these hallucinations is unexplained, and the nature of the hallucinations is also confusing. It’s hard to keep up with the movie when there are no answers as to why Eloise is experiencing what is happening to her, especially when this is such a central part of the plot. The movie as a whole was also dragged out, and the ending, despite the potential of being perfect, was disappointing with many missed opportunities. The movie, despite its flaws, had many surprising yet realistic plot twists. Last Night in Soho was also a disturbing movie. Most of the time it was not overly disturbing, but there are moments where it is overdone. 

The characters in this movie are also underdeveloped and mediocre. The only characters that are an exception to this rule are Sandy and Jack. The protagonist, Eloise, has no character development throughout the movie and is unlikeable. Her only two characteristics are that she will do anything to be a fashion designer and that she wishes she lived during the 60s because she doesn’t relate to her peers. Any other character in this movie is solely used to further develop Eloise, an already underdeveloped character, or Sandy. 

Overall, I would rate this move a two out of five stars and would not recommend it to others.