LoveHard Review

Natalie Bauer is a writer from Los Angeles. She writes all about her disastrous love life until she met someone, Josh Lin, a 30 year old who loves the outdoors – or so she thought. For a bit she falls in love with this guy who she hasn’t even met yet. Talking and texting about nearly everything until he suggested that she come to New York for Christmas. She thinks this is the perfect idea; she’ll be able to write a paper and have the time of her life with Josh. This was her chance to prove to her boss she can find someone who really loves her, a love story that doesn’t blow up in her face. A few weeks before Christmas, she decides to fly out to New York. Natalie arrives in a small town in New York. Where the Lin house is always covered in holiday decoration. Once she got there she was not ready for what was about to happen. She’s ready for the love story of her life until he walks in… she’s been cat fished. And to make it worse, the one she was actually going for was a boy named Tag, who is the kind of guy that every girl falls for when they visit the small town. This love triangle love story has both its ups and its downs. The suspense, drama and secrecy all fall into one. From a big city to a small town love story. LoveHard starring Nina Dobrev, Darren Barrett, and Jimmy O. Yang.