Kyle Brill signs to swim for UCSB


Kyle Brill poses with a grin after completing a swim meet. / Photo used with permission from Kyle Brill.

Breeze Aguilar, Backpage Editor

August 2020, Hart senior Kyle Brill committed to swim Division I at UC Santa Barbara, following a 15 year journey in the water. The journey began at age three when he started swimming. Despite starting at such a young age, Brill did not begin swimming competitively until 12, for Canyons Aquatics Club.

However, for Brill, swim has become more than a sport or pastime. It’s brought him teammates he can call friends and a gateway to his goals. Swimming has taken him from a mere 3 year old to a high school senior, and a soon to be D1 athlete.

“And ultimately, [swim] can be used to benefit my education later on,” said Brill.

Many of his athletic goals have already been achieved. Committing to UCSB was a major goal for him, but he also wanted to advocate for fellow swimmers in hopes of competing in this year’s (currently tentative) swim season. Though he’s accomplished some of his athletic goals, his personal ambitions aren’t far behind.

“I want to graduate college and move to Hawaii. It has always been a dream of mine to live and surf there, and would be a great place to start a family,” Brill said.

On the topic of family, he can credit his own for their undying support, ranging from taking care of him to showing up and cheering him on at meets. But Brill’s family isn’t his only support system.

“I owe equal thanks to [my teammates] as they push me every day in practice and have such a great attitude that is infectious,” Brill said.

The bond he has with his teammates isn’t restricted to competing. He recalls a certain night after a relay meet sophomore year as a night he’ll never forget– it was a late night waiting on a bus full of teammates and air filled with games, music and overall fun.

Similar to many athletes, Brill has not suffered any major injuries. However, he did develop late in his career and raced against the clock to be recruited by his junior year. Though he developed late, he has never been far from success. Brill has been awarded most outstanding on Hart’s swim team, named a Scholastic All American Swimmer and even qualified for the Olympic Trials Meet.