Hasbro’s “Monopoly” continues to thrive through thousands of spin-offs

With video games and modern technology becoming more advanced, the board game industry has seemed to descend in popularity. However, one game board actually has been doing very well. That game is Monopoly.

Created by Elizabth Magie in 1933, Monopoly is a game about becoming rich and forcing your friends to go bankrupt. The game was bought out by Hasbro, Inc. in 1991, almost 60 years after its creation. With this purchase, Hasbro was able to mainstream Monopoly more than ever.

Overtime with age, Monopoly started to feel stale, so Hasbro decided to create some spin offs of the original which would reinvigorate interest in the game again. Hasbro started off small with a couple of spin offs ,but soon enough people wanted even more and led to more versions being produced.

With there being a total of 1144 different Monopoly spin offs/versions, it would be impossible to review them all without having a lot of free time. So instead, here are some of the best spin off Monopoly games I have found.

One of the most ironic spin offs is Miss Monopoly, which is a pro-female version about gender equality and women rights. At first it doesn’t sound bad, but it’s until you start playing where you find out that this game really doesn’t care about gender equality because it give an unfair disadvantage to the male gender when some cards literally saying to give away some money if your a male while the females playing also get a two times advantage for any money they earn. Other than the whole gender advantage/disadvantage, there is really nothing new added to the game. 

Another spin off/version is the infamous Fortnite Monopoly, which is actually a lot different from the original game. The whole point of the game is to get the victory royal by vanquishing all of your opponents. The way you do that is to roll a dice and land on a specific space, which you then grab an action card to perform said action. Instead of the action cards relating to earning money and buying houses, you receive other things like variants of guns and bandages. Sometimes, the cards say to do a silly Fortnite dance to earn a legendary gun. This Monopoly actually changes the game up, though it does overly confuse the average person on how many new and different rules there are.

A lot of other spin offs/versions of Monopoly are seemingly made to attract certain demographics like Pro Bass Fishing Monopoly; Power Rangers Monopoly; Monopoly Gamer, which is just Mario themed  Waffle-opoly and one that’s very interesting to me: WWII Edition Monopoly.

With Monopoly currently being over 80 years old, it’s no surprise there are a lot of different spin offs/versions of the game. Below is a link to a website that lists all of the Monopoly spin offs/versions that have been published. I recommend looking at them for a good laugh since some of them are just hilarious to look at. Anyways, I wouldn’t dare to think about a world without Monopoly spin offs due to how unique each and every one is. I rate these spin offs/versions an ⅘.