How has the leadup to Call of Duty: Cold War been?

The day is August 27. Activision just announced that a special event will be happening in Call Of Duty: Warzone which will officially reveal COD: Black Ops Cold War to the public. Many people were excited to see how Treyarch, a subsidiary division of Activision, would handle a new Black Ops game after the failure of Black Ops 4.

In the following month, Treyarch revealed the multiplayer for Cold War and would have a pre-alpha for the game in September that was exclusive to Playstation. Between the period from the announcement to the pre-alpha, the internet was filled with leaks and theories about what more the game could hold. September 18, Playstation players were able to play the first public version of Cold War. There were two different types of modes for the pre-alpha available to the Playstation public. 

The regular multiplayer modes were team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination. The other major mode that this version of Cod: Black Ops Cold War had was Combined Arms Domination, which had 16-24 players capture five objects while fighting the enemy team. 

This version of the game only included three maps for Multiplayer. Satellite, a desert-themed map; Moscow, which resembles a mall and Miami, which takes place in Miami City near the beach. Combined Arms Domination only had two large maps. Armada, which took place on three large navy ships in the middle of the ocean and Crossbones, which took place in a snowy mountain campsite. 

A lot of people were glad to see gunsmith returning from Modern Warfare, especially since Black Ops always used the pick ten system (which only allowed players to customize ten things about their loadout, which is extremely limiting). Even though they brought this feature back, it is still not one hundred percent like Modern Warfare because now players can see the individual stats of all the attachments. The pre-alpha only gave players a couple of guns that were already unlocked because there was no leveling in the pre-alpha.

October rolled around and brought a two-week beta event for Black Ops Cold War with it. Week one was only available to Playstation players while other console players had to wait for the second week in order to play. This version of the beta added a new mode called “Fire Team Dirty bomb” which has 25 different teams of four groups fighting to fill up nuclear bombs with uranium to cause an explosion on a large-scale map. 

Another inclusion that came in the beta was a new map with two variants. Cartel takes place in a tropical setting that’s home to a cartel and its operations. This map has another variant for Combined Arms Domination that adds motorcycles to the map.

After many months of testing and beta-gaming, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has just released worldwide and many people are grinding the game to get max rank and become the best player. Though the lead up to Cold War’s release wasn’t always the smoothest, it is still very enjoyable and gives players insight into what the next Call of Duty game may hold.