Be sure to break out the tissues before watching Clouds

Clouds is a heart touching movie based on a true story. This film is about a boy named Zach who doesn’t have much time left because he has cancer. He wants to write a song to express his feelings for a girl he loves. After his death, his song “Clouds” led on to be a hit, getting more than 16 million views world wide and more than 200 million downloads.

“The idea for the lyrics came to Zach when he was in an airplane but the inspiration  was deeper than just looking out a window. The plane ride was a return from a visit to Lourdes in hopes of a miracle following a terminal diagnosis,” said

In the beginning of the movie, the setting is a small town in Minnesota with not too many people, but the people who lived there were familiar with Zach’s story. Zach is surrounded with very supportive and loving people, like his best friend Sammy. Sammy has been with Zach every step of his life. Later on in the movie, Sammy realizes her feelings for him were not as she expected. When Zach finds out how she truly feels, he makes a decision that saves their friendship. 

Over the course of the movie, there are times that you will cry, laugh and smile. This movie makes you realize that you’re not promised tomorrow so make each day count.