The Animaniacs are back!

Animaniacs is a show about three inseparable siblings, Yakko, Wakko and their sister Dot. This show was made in 1999 which originally took place in Warner Brothers Studios. Oh, there is going to be a reboot!  

Fans of the show are expecting lots of memories to come back when they start watching the reboot. A trailer was released which starts out with Yakko (The big brother of the siblings) explaining to the camera why reboots are bad and what’s wrong with its culture. As he explains the wrongs of reboots, the camera zooms out to show that the other two siblings are wearing clothes branded by Hulu including Yakko due to the fact that Warner Brothers Studios is partnering with Hulu. Then a check was given to them by someone who said “Here’s your check for the animaniacs reboot, you sellouts.” They then start singing their theme song, while being all over the place which is something the animaniacs have a knack of doing. 

This show is being released on Hulu November 20, starting with 13 all new, action packed episodes. Although there are not as many episodes, these siblings will definitely make it feel like one whole season, due to how easily they can change from subject to subject! As far as I can tell from the trailer, these episodes easily changed topics from a pegasus to one heavily guarded, moldy sandwich. Thus, this show without a doubt will be full of head spinning adventures, and ironic cameos! This is definitely something to look forward to if you’re an animation fan, or simply just want some laughs and smiles.