Marvel 616 gives fans a sneak peak into the creation of some of their favorite superhero stories

Marvel 616 is a very cool and interesting show. It explores society and how everything is made in the Marvel Universe. If someone is really into Marvel, like myself, I would highly recommend it for you to watch. But, it’s not for everybody.  People with really intense love for Marvel like it. I am a big Marvel fan, so I enjoy this show a lot! 

It starts by showing what it is like making Marvel comics. It shows all the artists from many countries that work on these projects. First, they draw the comic book characters in pencil. Then, carefully using special drawing tools to trace over the comic book characters, the artists create the comics you see today. It’s extraordinary how they make the comics! I would love to work there someday. 

They also show you how different every superhero is in other countries. There are so many differences in each country. I learned so much from Marvel 616.  I had no idea about all the work and all the differences in Marvel characters, and I’m a pretty big Marvel nerd too! 

I rate this show a solid 9/10 because I am obsessed with Marvel.  I would recommend anyone who is interested in Marvel to go watch this show. It has an amazing story and I learned so much from it. I loved it and wish I could watch it again for the first time!