The Croods return in a sequel after a 7 year wait

Croods 2 takes place all the way back in caveman times, with big monsters and evil beings. Croods 2 starts off as a cavewoman who is not happy with her current life, due to her overprotective father. She wanders off from a cave that her father makes the family stay at ends up seeing a whole new side of the world. Although they soon realize that the world is coming to an end.

This movie was good for a couple of reasons. First the comedy of this movie was really good. The comedy fit my criteria, and overall a really good movie to watch. Second, the characters were outstanding. The characters were so funny, and fit the movie so well, it was enjoyable to watch the characters grow up and enjoy themselves at the end of the movie. The only flaw I really had with the movie was the story was not as good as I would have liked. The story was really boring, and uncreative. But I think the rest of the characters and the comedy made it worth my while. Another thing I also liked about the movie was the monsters and creatures that the crew faced. I found it so cool how just one family was able to defeat a bunch of creepy scare monsters, and how they made it halfway across the content to seek safety before the world ended. I found it really cool, and absolutely amazing

I give this movie a 6.5/10, me as a 17 year old teenager, I found it cheesy, and corni, but from a kids perspective it would be a really good movie. The directors and writers of this movie did a great job, and I would recommend family and friends to go see the first and second cross movies..