Greta Thunberg’s environmental efforts are chronicled in her new Hulu documentary

Greta Thunberg is a 15 year-old climate activist who has been striking words into people for over a year. The documentary on her, I’ am Greta’ followed her story and how she became a leader for thousands around the world. She starts by going on a school strike with her classmates and getting featured on the news, claiming that no one truly knows how bad the climate situation is, including her parents. 

As her pleads began to spread she traveled around the world, she met with world leaders, like presidents and generals,scolding them all that their promises to change meant nothing if they didn’t actually take action. Fans take Greta’s side in protests, and she is getting more popular by the day, despite leaders like Trump and others calling her a phony. They say she’s just anxious and badly educated. But, she doesn’t let this get to her and continues to alert everyone on the vital problem of the climate. 

Thunberg may not believe the things said about her, but she knows the adults she speaks out to aren’t being completely honest either. She explains that the important people are just acting where she meets them, and that it’s all truly fake. They just care about the money and not the future generations that will be extremely affected if the climate issue goes undealt with. 

She got invited to New York, and sails for a few days to get there, since planes are against everything she talks about. Her speeches inspired those everywhere. As of september 2019, 2 million people went on strike for the climate, and they were the largest strikes for that in history. Greta continued to go on strike every Friday, with all her fans behind her. 

Watching it made me understand the climate crisis and how much we really need to change. That everyone has a voice and it’s up to the next generations to use them. I give it 5/5, hoping that it will inspire and educate a lot more people.