Totally Under Control catalogs the United States’ battle with the coronavirus

Totally Under Control is an amazing documentary. It is very matter of fact, and does not leave room for bias. It states facts and features professionals talking about how the coronavirus pandemic came and took over the United States. The documentary features people like Anthony Fauci, Alex Azar, Alex Greninger, Mitch McConnell, Eva Lee, President Trump, Vice President Pence as well as other experts in the medical field, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and politicians. 

It is in 100% accurate order, not one thing is out of order, the way they tell it is by time, and what happened to cause a pandemic. As one viewer puts it: “I have been following all of the latest developments pretty closely since this pandemic broke, so I thought I knew about every misstep of the Trump administration, but more was revealed in this documentary. As usual, Alex gave me an excellent job. It was infuriating to watch, but it is so important that everyone does. We must learn from these mistakes so it never happens again.” This documentary  spots flaws in everyone’s steps, not only the President’s. They inform you what should have happened and what else could have happened to fix it. 

Events from around the world occurring are also accurate and it is shown how those events impacted the U.S., and how other countries handled the virus (Most mentioned South Korea.) They mention other world events happening and how the U.S. approached those problems while handling COVID-19. Overall one of my favorite documentaries from 2020 so far.