Over The Moon is an emotionally touching and aesthetically pleasing film

Netflix recently released a new film called Over the Moon, a heartwarming story about Fei Fei, a little girl who lost her mother to a terminal disease and doesn’t want her father to remarry four years later. She’s not ready to move on from her mother’s death, but she’s especially not ready to have an annoying, but caring, new step brother either. After a fight with her father’s fiance’s family about an ancient legend her mom used to tell her about a moon goddess who lost her past love, she decides to build a rocket to go see the moon goddess. The moon goddess, played by Philippa Soo, isn’t very nice to little Fei Fei, insisting that Fei Fei has a gift for her of urgent matter that is supposed to help the goddess bring back her dead true love. In the jumble of what is going on, it is hard to see the actual point of the movie.

Fei Fei and her stepbrother, who decided to tag along on her trip, find a remarkable castle near the moon. When she enters the castle, she finds the moon goddess having a very huge concert in the middle of the palace. Later on when she leaves the castle, they come across Gobi, a jumpy character that’s very talkative and extremely funny. This character has not seen the queen in quite some time. But because of this parallel in movies, the point of the movie is missed in the jumble of colors and themes.

The movie overall is great, the point being grief over the loss of a loved one, but the movie doesn’t stay on a realistic track. If the movie is about grief, why does Fei Fei go to a moon full of bright, happy colors and a huge moon concert? The atmosphere moves from one of learning to move on from grief, to having a party with all of your best friends. But, the graphics and designs are stunning. The extravagant colors are beautiful, and the moon goddess’ dress is a stunning futuristic dress layered underneath that looked kind of like a flower. The entire moon empire was designed so beautifully and little Gobi looked like a little gummy bear emitting a small glow of happiness from inside.