Nintendo and Microsoft collaborate to add Minecraft’s Steve to Super Smash Bros.’ character roster

Recently, the internet has been going wild over the fact that Smash Bros., one of the most popular battle royale video games, has partnered with Microsoft to bring Minecraft’s main character Steve into the roster.

Minecraft Steve being added is what many fans have been wanting. With the addition of Minecraft being added, this leads to the theory that more non-related Nintendo properties are going to be added to Smash Bros. 

With the inclusion of Steve and the other three echo fighters, which include Alex, Zombie and Enderman, the community is able to see new ways to play especially with Steve’s ability to place blocks on the stage, which can be used in multiple strategies. Not only does Steve’s building make this fighter different from the others, but he brings a whole variety of Minecraft based moves to the game. Steve has a variety of Minecraft based weapons which range from a fishing rod that can grab the opponents to a lava bucket which you can use to burn the stage. 

Though all of his moves are well made, the main prize about the fighter is his block placing .

“We had to redesign every stage in the game just to let Minecraft Steve’s block placing mechanic work,” said creator and head of Smash Bros. design Masahiro Sakurai.

 With a total of 103 stages and more on the way, this fighter surely is one of the hardest to have been added. However, all the hard work wasn’t for nothing. With reported sales for fighter pass 2 doubling the first fighter pass which included five DLC fighters, even though fighter pass 2 has only revealed two of its six fighters.

With it only being a week since Steve and his Minecraft crew have been added, the smash community has already found game breaking ways to use Steve which has led him to be one of the best smash fighters on the roster so far.